3 Stylish & Ethical Accessories to Rock This Summer

It’s officially summer! A few months ago, I did 3 spring inspired outfits and many of you seemed to enjoy it! I wanted to do another fashion post, but with a twist. Today’s post will center around accessories created by ethical brands. I’m so excited to partner with one of my favorite brands Nisolo to chat about this topic!

I’m still pretty new to ethical consumerism, but I know I’d like to be a part of it. I cringe at the thought of unfair labor practices or child labor and it’s made me more conscious of my buying habits. I don’t want to dive too much into that side of the topic (mostly because this is still very new to me.) This post is meant to share some of my favorite accessories that just happen to be made from ethical brands that I love. Let’s dive in to the head-to-toe details!


Wool Panama Hat - Equal Uprise

My friend introduced me to Equal Uprise when they first opened & I’ve been following their brand since! They sell everything from accessories to home decor and I love the designs are effortless and minimal AND that’s not even the best part. Their items are ethically sourced and made by marginalized artisans in Ecuador and Tunisia. EU also gives back part of each sale to fund education for children in rural communities, as well as the artists themselves. You must check out their beautiful line of homewares and accessories. My favorite has got to be their hats because they fit my head perfectly! Hats that are cute & comfortable are hard to come by, so EU has made a forever fan of me. I’m a size medium by the way ;)


Vegan Leather Bag - Angela Roi

I was first introduced to vegan leather when I designed my first “Celebrate Individuality” tote bag. Any OG followers remember those? ;) After using it for years, I noticed how durable they are so I thought I’d try a full-on vegan leather bag. I saw this barton duffle tote from Angela Roi and fell in love. I asked Patrick to get it for me as a birthday gift and have been happily sporting it since! The pebble texture is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t believe it’s not real leather. I think the main difference would be that it won’t “wear in” over time as leather naturally does. You’ll either love or hate that but for me, I really like the fresh “leather” look of this bag and am so happy it will look like this forever! My favorite detail is the thickness of the straps and how it adds a unique touch to a rather simple bag.

angela roi bag.jpg
angela roi vegan leather.jpg

If you’re curious about vegan leather, I’d definitely check out Angela Roi. They donate proceeds to local animal shelters and charities - how cool is that? In addition to animal kindness, they ensure their factories are “up to code”, provide fair wages and are against child labor.


Block Heel Sandals - Nisolo

I don’t know where you’re at but California has been HOT this summer. These nude Lucia Block Heel Sandals came just in time! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of open toed sandals, but I couldn’t find one that was at the perfect height. I love that this one has a shorter block heel, so I can dress it up to a summer wedding or keep it casual like the outfit you see here. The nude color matches with any outfit and I’m so grateful to Nisolo for gifting me these babies. I also own the Paloma Mules and they are SO comfortable and soft on the feet. I’ve walked in it for hours and it hasn’t given me any issues!

If you’re not familiar with Nisolo, they create beautiful and classic shoes that are timeless and functional. They are super transparent about how they make their shoes. If you’re curious, check out their Impact Report, where you can learn about their factory conditions, sustainability model and see exactly how they’ve impacted the world (they include statistics!) I’m obsessed with their products and mission and you’ll definitely see me rocking my Nisolos. Also, they recently came out with the Sedona Travel Derbys and I love it in the dusty rose color!


If you have an ethical brand you like to shop from, share in the comments below! I’m always looking to learn more about sustainable and honest companies (or those who give back.) Hope you enjoyed this post!

Photo by SYKim Photography

In partnership with Nisolo