Live Art @ Corporate Events (FAQ)

Live Art - Corporate Events

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a huge party, we’d love to help you create an unforgettable experience that your guests will be talking about for days to come.

Live Art is when our team goes on-site to paint watercolor portraits for guests live at the event. Our mini portraits are great party favors and our station doubles as live entertainment for all guests to enjoy!

For corporate events, we offer three different options:

  • Traditional Live Art (bust & up mini portraits)

  • Fashion Illustration (full body watercolor portraits - see right)

  • Live Lettering (calligraphy on multiple surfaces)

When inquiring, please let us know which service you are interested in! If not specified, we’ll default to traditional live art.

Continue reading to learn more about our service. Or if you're ready, fill out our Inquiry Form here!


Before You Book

custom template options - corporate-2.jpg

Q: Are we able to customize template based on our company or event theme?

A: Yes! We can create branded templates to match your company or event theme. Please see template examples above.

Q: How Long Does It Take? How Many Artists Do I Need?

A: For traditional live art, it takes an average of 3-5 mins per person. Once you’ve submitted your inquiry form, we’ll send you  a brochure with a list of packages we’d recommend based on your guest count. The packages will outline the percentage covered so you can pick and choose what works best for your event!

For Fashion Illustration, we only have one artist available and it takes an average of 5-7 mins per person.

Q: Do You Travel? If So, Are There Travel Fees Involved?

A: Yes! We are based in Southern California but are available to travel worldwide. We do charge a travel fee that covers our team’s expenses such as flight, hotel, food, and transportation.

The Day Of

live art set up.jpg

Q: What Is All Involved For Day Of Set Up?

A: Our station requires (a) 6-ft table(s), chair(s) and ample lighting - all which are set up & provided by the client. Our team will bring all art supplies and signages.

Q: How Does The Process Work?

A: When guests approach the station, our team will take a photo for the artist(s) to reference from. That way, guests can enjoy the event and pick up their completed portrait at the end!

Depending on the package chosen, select guests will be painted throughout the event. All guests are welcome to watch the live painting process.

Q: Our event is themed. Can you dress accordingly?

Yes! Please let us know if you have a certain dress code and our team will dress to the occasion.

Q: Can I Add Time On The Day Of My Event?

A: Yes! If we are available, you may add up to one hour on the day of.

Helpful Tip:  If you think you’ll need extra time, please make prior arrangements with your coordinator.  We accept cash, check, Venmo, Zelle & Paypal.

Additional Details

Q: Why are the portraits faceless?

A: For live art, we paint them in our signature faceless style to accommodate more people and meet the 3-5 minute turnaround. While they are faceless, we are very attentive to the details and capture individual's likeness - like hair, clothing, accessories! We found most guests love this type of style since it is so unique.  

Helpful tip: If you are interested in having a more detailed portrait with facial features, please see our Custom Portrait listing.  This can be a fun addition to display or use for a guestbook, etc. for your event!

Q: Are there restrictions on live art portraits?

A: Yes! They are as follows:

  • We can fit a maximum of 4 persons in a portrait. Please note, there will be one copy for group portraits.

  • To accommodate for as many guests as possible, we limit one portrait per person.

  • We do not accept special requests during the live art event. If you wish to add facial features, pets, or other details, please purchase from our Custom Portrait listing before/after the event.


& that’s a wrap! I hope you found this page helpful. If you’d like additional resources, watch this Vlog by Jen Chae of Head to Toe or read this Blog by Lauren Jaclyn. If you’re ready to inquire, fill out the form below!

Some of our previous corporate clients include Google, Nordstrom, Bentley, Coachella, Rachel Zoe, Pixi Beauty, Janie & Jack, Ted Baker, DHC Skincare, Caruso, Liberty in North Korea and more.

Some of our previous corporate clients include Google, Nordstrom, Bentley, Coachella, Rachel Zoe, Pixi Beauty, Janie & Jack, Ted Baker, DHC Skincare, Caruso, Liberty in North Korea and more.