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Hi there! I’m Dianuh Aerin :)

I wear many hats (ba-bum-ch!) and I’m the owner, creative director and content creator behind Chasing Linen. Chasing Linen is a creative studio based in Long Beach, California that specializes in watercolor designs & custom illustrations. We also provide live art services for weddings, parties & corporate events. Outside of art, I love creating lifestyle content for my blog and co-host for The Modern Creative Podcast, which is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I hope you leave feeling inspired and encouraged!


Our Story

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Chasing Linen first started off as a fashion blog where I photographed well-dressed strangers and interviewed them on the spot. I've always had an eye for design and craved to be surrounded by all things beautiful. I also loved connecting with others and learning more about their style and interests.
In 2013, I decided to create a little stationery line to raise money for a mission trip. It felt right to keep the name Chasing Linen as it is a homage to all of the steps I took to get to where I am today. At the time, I was a full-time art student so this shop & blog became my little creative outlet & side hustle.

After 2 years, it began to take more of my attention and time. I absolutely loved what I was doing so I decided to make it my full time business! In 2015, I officially launched the new Chasing Linen to share my love for all things creative and encourage others to pursue their higher calling.

Since, we’ve expanded our Shop and also create custom wedding suites & signages (view our Portfolio here!) We provide Live Art services where we go on-site to paint guests’ portraits, which serves as entertainment & personalized party favors! In the education space, I teach in person workshops & cohost for The Modern Creative Podcast. I also create lifestyle content on my Blog where you’ll find topics covering home decor, fashion, entrepreneurship and everyday experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the name Chasing Linen come from?

While reading through the New Testament, I was so touched by the story of the bleeding woman (mentioned in Mark & Luke.) If you don't know the story, there was a woman who suffered with blood issues for 12 years. She was an outcast in society because blood meant unclean and dirty so she had to keep to herself in her home. When she heard about Jesus, who was known to work miracles, she ran out to touch his garment and in that moment, she was instantly healed. I love that story because the woman was faithful in pursuing her higher calling and believed that she would be healed. That's what Linen represents: restoration, dreams, purity, Jesus.

How did you start Chasing Linen?

I wanted to raise funds to go on a mission trip to Alaska in the summer of 2013 so I created a watercolor calendar to sell to friends. I only made a few calendars thinking that I wouldn't sell very many, but they ended up being a hit! I was able to cover the cost of not only my trip, but a friend's as well! From there, I began receiving more requests and orders of things that I didn't have (like wedding invites and birthday cards.) I was honestly just shocked that people liked my work enough to pay for it. It definitely had a humble start and grew into something much bigger than I imagined. Two years later, I was able to quit my day jobs to pursue Chasing Linen full-time (read more about the journey here.) I am so incredibly grateful that I get to wake up and do what I love :)

Do you do wedding invitations or other custom orders?

Yes! I love creating one-of-a-kind design for any occasion. You can click on the Portfolio page to see previous works and contact me directly at

How does Live art work and how do I inquire?

Please visit our Live Art page for details & fill out our inquiry form (at the bottom of the page!) You can also see our FAQ Page for additional info.

Tell us a little about yourself

I love to create things with my hands and appreciate artistry in every form and love soaking up all things creative and beautiful. I am constantly in search of inspiration and find joy in the little details that stitch the big picture together. Besides painting/doodling, I love a good cup of coffee, outdoor activities, taking photos, journaling, biking, skating, ube ice cream and conversing with friends and strangers.