Live Art for Events

live watercolor

Weddings. Birthday parties. bridal + baby showers. Corporate Events.


This is perfect for entertaining your guests and for giving out personalized and memorable party favors.

We currently offer Live Lettering and Live Portrait with a 2 hour minimum policy.  If you're ready to book, fill out our form below!

Tip: We book months out in advance with weekend slots being the most popular. If you'd like to reserve a date, be sure to inquire quickly! 

live lettering

Live Lettering

Live lettering is ideal for large parties who want each guests to be able to take home a name plate. This service is for lettering guests' names, please let us know if you have a special request. 

One artist: $165 per hour with 2 hours minimum

live watercolor portrait

Live Portrait

Live portrait is ideal for casual settings where guests can stop by for a quick painting session. Our signature watercolor portraits have minimal facial details and captures the likeness of each individual. 3-4 mins per person average.

One artist: $185 per hour with 2 hours minimum

Two Artists: $245 Per Hour With 3 hours minimum



Prices listed reflect the time and materials used for the event. Custom art or lettering on name plates can be added upon request.

For additional info, please visit our Live Art FAQ HERE.