New #CLWorkshop: Brush Lettering + Linen Banner

You asked so I’m answering… All things Linen banner!

linen banner

A few months ago, I sent out a poll to my newsletter subscribers asking what they’d like to learn from in-person workshops. Out of all of the options, linen banner beat out the rest! If you'd like to vote next time, be sure to subscribe here ;)

So... I’m thrilled to share that we have Brush Lettering + Linen Banner class in the books! Our first workshop will be held at M. Lovewell on March 3.  I get asked ALL the time - what I use to letter on banners, the best type of fabric to use, where I get my supplies, etc. So, I am going to answer all of the above and more in our next CL workshop!

linen banners inspirational quote
coffee and calligraphy
linen banners at coffee shop
linen banner quote hanging

To give you a sneak peek, this is the final product of what we’ll be creating in the class. First, we’ll go over how to brush letter with my favorite tool. I’ll have sample guides so students can practice writing out sweet phrases. Once everyone is warmed up, we’ll dive into lettering on banners! Like the pictured example, students will have two banners they’ll create and take home. The workshop will include all of the materials you see here + a brush lettering guide and my favorite marker. Essentially, this class is like two-in-one :) 

Our sign ups are now open for the Brush Lettering + Linen Banner workshop on March 3. Hope you can join us! 

Photo by Caitlin Alohilani