All About Custom Watercolor Portraits (FAQ)

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If you’ve been following us for any period of time, you’re probably familiar with our Custom Watercolor Portraits. Over the years, we’ve painted hundreds of our signature portraits for special occasions and keepsakes. We’ve painted them for newlyweds, families who live apart, parents with angel babies - you name it. It’s been amazing and humbling to paint so many people and it truly is something I absolutely love to do.

With that said, let’s chat all about the how and what of Custom Watercolor Portraits. I’ve compiled 10 of the most frequently asked questions and answered them down below. If you’ve been wanting a portrait but are not sure how it works, keep on reading to find out!

couple portrait on canvas floral

FAQ: Custom Watercolor Portrait

wedding portrait

1. How many people fit in a portrait?

For our standard 11x14 portraits, we can fit anywhere between two to six persons! If you want to replace a human with a fur baby, that is fine by us.

2. How does it work?

Pick the portrait that best fits your needs on our Custom Portrait page. From there, you can select whether you want our classic faceless style or add facial features! We can further customize your portrait by adding a family name (example on the left), background details or upgrading it to the 18x24 canvas wrap. Don’t forget to have your photos ready to upload!

3. Which photos should I send?

We paint directly from the photo references you send us so make sure they are as accurate as possible! Photos should be taken in natural lighting so it clearly shows the individuals’ skin tone and hair color. Please do not send in photos with obvious alterations or filters! (ie. snapchat filters, black & white or sepia.) The photo should show the full body of the individuals including the top of their head down to their shoes. Keep in mind, we will paint the pose and outfit you are wearing in the photo. One photo is best but if you don’t have one that meets these requirements, please send no more than 3 photographs. High resolution photos are recommended but iPhone photos are perfectly fine.

4. Can you make me the same portrait as the one from your Instagram?

Each of our custom portraits are shipped out as originals and therefore, are not re-sellable. However, we can create one customized just for you! 

5. Why are they faceless? Can you paint one with facial expressions?

All of our portraits are painted in our signature style with elongated bodies. Faceless is our class signature style and we think it looks pretty cool. However, if that’s not your jam, there’s an option to add facial features! For both options, we are very attentive to detail in the coloring, hairstyle, posture and clothing which make the individual recognizable and distinct.

6. What sizes do they come in? Can you make it a specific size?

11x14 is our standard size. We found that this size is great for wall hanging and home decor! It also allows us to capture all the little details. If you’re looking for a statement piece, we also offer 18x24 canvas wraps! They have a 2” deep frame so they are ready to be hung. This is perfect to use it as a wedding guestbook poster or if you just want your portrait printed on a large canvas form. All of the canvas wraps also come with the original 11x14 watercolor painting so it’s a two-in-one deal! If you'd like to inquire about a specific size, email us at

family watercolor portrait

7. I want a family portrait but I don’t have a photo of all of us together. Can I still order one?

Absolutely! For larger groups, we can take multiple photo references. Please limit one photo per person (for example: if there are 5 family members, send no more than 5 photos!)

8. What type of outfit should I wear for my portrait?

For outfits, we'd recommend clothing with patterns or pops of color. For wedding dresses, we pay extra attention to the intricate details like lace, beading, and drape. We’ll make sure it stands out from the white background! If you’d like to capture the scenic background of the photo, we have the option to add that on as well.

9. How long will it take?

Our average turnaround is 2-3 weeks for artwork and 1-3 days for shipping (within the US.) If you need it earlier, we also have a rush option!

10. I want to gift this portrait to my friend, can you draw them for me?

Custom portraits are such a sweet gift and I'm sure your friends would forever treasure it. Stalk their Instagram and Facebook to find flattering photos and send them in! If you need it by a specific date, be sure to let us know in the comment box of the form. We can ship the complete portrait to you OR directly to your friends!

I hope this post helped answer some questions and clarify the process! 

I also just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your support. Whether it was through a purchase, reading our blog or by following us on Instagram, I am SO thankful for each of you! It is really by your support that I’ve been able to run and grow my business to what it is today and I don’t take that lightly :)

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