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A custom watercolor portrait is the perfect keepsake for special occasions like weddings, engagements and anniversaries. It is also a sweet and personalized gift to give to a loved one!


How to order

When placing an order, keep in mind the size you want the portrait to be. We currently offer Full Body portraits in three sizes: 8x10, 9x12, 11x14. If you would like a custom size, please order the closest available size and email us with your order number.

*NEW: We now offer a variety of 3 different background options: none, partial or intricate. Examples of partial background would include wreath, floral embellishments or watercolor lettering under the portraits. Intricate background will include the full scenery like the first photo example on the left.



Each portrait is painted in our signature faceless style with elongated bodies. Although the figures do not have facial features, we are very attentive to detail in the coloring, hairstyle, posture and clothing, which makes the individual recognizable and distinct. 

This portrait listing is specifically for two people. Each additional child(s) or pet(s) is $25+


Add Ons

We would be happy to include small additional details for you such as bouquets, veils or balloons. For intricate details such as landscape background, floral illustrations, and calligraphy, it will be an additional cost.

We also offer metallic embossing in gold and silver for $30+. This option is perfect if you would like to highlight embroidery details in your garment or jewelry.

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Once Your Purchase

1. You will receive a confirmation email with your order #

2. With your order # as the title, email a clear photo of the couple to

3. Please send us a full body shot (head-to-toe) with the complete outfit + shoes. Be sure that the photo also shows the height difference between the individuals

If needed, we will accept multiple photos if references are pieced separately.

*Tip: Photos taken in natural lighting serves as the best visual reference. Please avoid sending photos that have been Photoshopped or filtered.



Our current turnaround is 3 weeks from the date the photo is approved, not from the date of purchase. For rush orders, please email us with your order # at

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