Creative Session with Handmade by Sara Kim


I'm super stoked to bring in a good friend of mine, Sara of Handmade by Sara Kim. We met about two years ago, back when I worked at Oh Hello Friend and we stayed in touch ever since! She is probably one of the most talented and crafty person I know and well deserves the title, "Jack of all trades." Not only does she make gorgeous bridal accessories, paper flowers, cake toppers, & more, she is also musically gifted and a great business woman — #girlboss. I admire her for not only her artistic abilities, but also for her beautiful heart behind it. She is also going to be a part of my wedding decoration so you'll definitely be seeing more paper flowers & bridal accessories on the blog ;) 

Get to know a little more about Sara and her creative journey!

1. You have so many varieties in your shop! How did you start Handmade by Sara Kim and what was your first product?

I started making birthday cards and jewelry for friends as a hobby. I had a good friend of mine who was a freelance web designer and he wanted to make a website for me as part of his portfolio which is how my online shop started. My first product were earrings and birthday cards. 

2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a creative career? How did you go full time?

This was a hobby turned into a full time job as the demand increased. Once I realized I had 2 full time jobs, I decided to let go my other job as a music teacher and pursue this business full time. 

3. As a business owner, what does your day-to-day look like? What are the pros/cons?

I have to be super disciplined. I try my best to "act" like I go to a real job, although it's really at my in-home studio so I do dress out of my sweats and clock in. I typically schedule my week out according to my deadlines and make sure I fulfill the orders I had scheduled out daily. The pro is that I could leave work and grab coffee with friends, go on lunch dates and be flexible with work. The con would be, I would have to make up for that and really keep myself accountable with my deadlines. When I make mistakes, I have only myself to blame. 

4. How do you juggle business and your personal life?

I try my best to not work weekends and give myself the 9-5 hours. I felt it was best to try to make my business as normal and professional as possible. However, there are nights I over work and weeks I constantly think of work while I'm hanging out with friends. This definitely will always be a work in progress because I treat my business like my baby! 

5. Outside of the crafting that goes into your business, what are your other hobbies?

Outside of crafting for my business, my hobbies would be more crafting for myself! If I'm not making orders for customers, I'm making stuff for myself, friends, and family. I love everything DIY and I love watercoloring. I also practice my violin and piano and I have a long list of bucket list repertoire for both instruments. I'm definitely a hobby person and I don't think I could live without any of them. 

6. What's next for you and Handmade by Sara Kim?

I'm in the middle of finishing our first how-to paper flower book. I would love to finish that within this year. I would also love to make a small collection filled with baby accessories for newborn portraits and flower girls.  


Current favorites: 

Instagram: @studiodiy, @designlovefest

Ice cream flavor: vanilla (I'm a boring person when it comes to flavors)

Shop: Nothing beats Nordstrom with their free shipping and free returns, Anthropologie, Shop Lux (Riverside treasure)

Music: Rachmaninoff 

Keep in touch with Sara!

Instagram: @handmadebysarakim