Creative Session With Jeanette Getrost

It's the last Friday of the month, which means it's time to bring in another creative to the blog! For this month's Creative Session, I'm super excited to interview one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators, Jeanette Getrost. If you haven't seen her on Instagram, do yourself a favor and be inspired @jeanettegetrost. She has an impressive list of clients she's worked with and a stunning portfolio to match. Everything she touches turns to gold but the best part is, she's super chill, down to earth and was happy to share her expertise in the industry.


Jeanette and I first met at a wine tasting & illustration event hosted by Maison Jules and we ended up bonding over all things art, fashion and culture. I had admired Jeanette's work through social media so I was stoked to meet her in person and she was so sweet and easy to talk to. We were with a group of girls and ended up having some ridiculous and awesome conversations over wine - hashtag #winosforlife. Since then, we kept in touch via email and recently grabbed brunch at one of her favorite spots, Figaro Bistrot.


1. It seems like you take your sketchbook everywhere with you! What are some of your favorite art mediums for when you're on the go?

Yeah! I especially take my sketch book with me when I'm traveling. I love sitting at cafes for hours just sketching. I typically use the soft brush pen from Faber-Castell, and Copic Markers. Traveling with markers and pens is much more efficient than painting.

2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue a creative career and how did you get involved in the fashion world?

I worked in a couple of art galleries after college doing art sales. I thought I would enjoy it, being in the creative sphere, but it's really not creative at all, and is pretty much strictly business. So, I decided to pursue my original love (fashion) and worked for a brand/retailer in DTLA. We were predominantly a vintage store, as well as had a line of red-carpet ready to wear dresses. I loved the vintage aspect of it especially, and worked with a lot of design teams pulling inspiration for their collections. While working there I met a lot of creatives who had essentially created their own jobs and it inspired me to take my artwork seriously. 


3. As a freelancer, what does your day-to-day look like? What are the pros/cons?

It really changes for me every day as some weeks or months are busier than others. I'm not a super routine person, but I typically start my day responding to e-mails, and going over contracts with my manager. My role has changed a lot over the recent months, so some days are about taking meetings, photoshoots, sketching at events, or the more traditional, illustrating for client work. The pros are having flexibility in terms of scheduling... I was never very good at the 9 to 5 thing :) Cons are that I never really feel that I have a day off.  Most of my business comes through Instagram so I feel the need to stay plugged in, and update my social channels constantly. 

4. Besides fashion illustration, what are your other hobbies?

I love music. I play a handful of instruments, but it's strictly become hobby for me. So I love going to shows and collecting records. I also take a lot of walks. That's a hobby, right? It's sort of like therapy for me. 


5. What are some of your favorite tools for drawing? Any tips for beginners?

As previously mentioned, I love the soft brush pen from Faber-Castell. For paints, I typically use watercolors from a brand called Holbein. I think the best thing for any individual pursuing illustration is to take a life drawing class! It really teaches you the basic fundamentals for drawing. My next tip would be to draw every day. It's the best way to improve. 

6. What's next for you? 

For personal projects, I am working on having a solo show. We're in the very early stages of planning, but hopefully will have something concrete in the next few months. And I'll also be co-hosting/sketching at an event with Who What Wear for Elizabeth & James on May 22nd at the Grove in Los Angeles. Come one, come all! 


7. Current favorites:

- Instagrams: @kidmograph, @lazysiren, @60sand70srewind

- Ice cream flavor: Mint chip

- Shop: I mostly buy from thrift shops. I've scored some pretty incredible vintage at Out of the Closet (in Echo Park) and The Goodwill (in Los Feliz). And when I don't have the patience, there's always Zara. 

- Artists: Ellsworth Kelly, William Eggleston, Saul Bass

- Musicians: Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith


Keep in touch with Jeanette!

Instagram: @jeanettegetrost


Snapchat: jeanettegetrost


All photos by Sunny @maylilies