My Experience Shooting for CBS KCAL #BTS

I woke up this morning to a phone call saying my holiday segment went national!!!

KCAL news

If you didn't see my previous posts, I did a guest feature for CBS Los Angeles this past weekend and shot a holiday segment for KCAL9. It was only my second time filming for a show so I didn't really know what to expect.

I woke up at 6am Saturday morning, got dressed and drove about an hour to get to CBS HQ in Studio City. To be honest, I had only practiced a few times and didn't get one single smooth run through so I felt a little nervous walking in. When we got inside, we were greeted by a sweet security guard who checked us in and then one of the producers introduced himself and told us about some of the other features they had done. After about 30 minutes in the waiting room, one of the writers brought us into the actual studio where we would film. The room was AMAZING. It had hundreds of lights, cameras, and screens. We had about 15 minutes alone in that room so Patrick and I explored, sat on the podium where the anchor speaks, and played pretend on the green screen. We obviously took lots of selfies and did a little Behind the Scenes on Facebook Live and Instagram story ;) Finally, the director came in and introduced herself. She was incredibly encouraging and so was the sound guy who miked me in. The host, Andrea Fuji, was gorgeous and so sweet in real life. Everyone made me feel really comfortable and all of my previous nerves went away. We were able to shoot the entire segment in one take and we were out of the studio in 15 minutes!

After shooting 2 segments, I'm learning that I perform best when under pressure. It may be the procrastinator in me but I honestly believe I think best on my feet. Being under all the lights with the cameras rolling is actually more relaxing than when I practice by myself. I think this is because I tend to edit myself a lot but when there's interaction during real air time, I can just enjoy the conversation and be more natural. 

holiday edition
customized gift tags
KCAL news recording
holiday gift wrap

The show aired yesterday morning and just one day after it was released, I got a call saying that the segment went national! The video was reposted on Yahoo, MSN and AOL which is seriously mind blowing. You can also watch it below or see the blog post for more details [here]

My friend Jasmine who does PR for Paper Mart is the one who contacted me and I never imagined an opportunity like this. I'm so grateful for being given the chance to be on air and share what I love to do! This definitely motivates me to do more DIY projects this coming year so stay tuned :)

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