Chasing Linen Workshops!

I'm thrilled to share that I've been invited to teach multiple workshops this year! It's so exciting to add a new addition to Chasing Linen and I'm stoked to get back to teaching :) For those who don't know, I was an art teacher for a couple years before I started CL and have missed it so much since. Teaching is definitely a passion of mine as it affirms my love for art as well as my love for connecting with others. It's so awesome how popular workshops have become these days! Even if you're not the creative type, it's so fun to learn a new skill set and meet like-minded people!

In the next couple months, I'll be teaching a couple different subjects including: Water Brush Lettering, Floral Watercolor, and wedding DIY workshops. We have the Water Brush Lettering workshops available in 3 different dates in our newly added WORKSHOP tab and will be working on adding more classes in the next few weeks!

I love that I get to combine my love for watercolor + lettering and host Water Brush Lettering as my first workshop of the year! This class is an introductory class and all beginners are welcome. We will go over the basics of lettering, tools and materials and practice brush lettering together. I've recently discovered the Pentel h20 water brush through a friend and it's been a game changer since. It is basically like a watercolor brush that loads its self and you can fill it up with ink or water, how genius is that?! You can use these babies for all different types of painting, not just lettering, all it takes is a little bit of practice :)

If you're interested in learning water brush lettering, you can sign up for classes here

Photography by Sunny of Maylilies