Watercolor World Map

A few months ago, I got a sweet email from a male client who wanted to gift his girlfriend a watercolor world map! He told me how they started off being in a long-distance relationship and have since loved traveling together. He wanted to have a large map to pin the places they've gone and continue to add as they covered new grounds. Girls, are you swooning yet?


I absolutely loved this idea and gladly accepted although I've never done such a large piece before. I was a bit intimidated at first but as I was working, I found painting in a large scale was incredibly freeing and therapeutic. I had so much fun creating this piece that I kept the blueprint so I can paint one for myself in the future ;) 

Watercolor painting
Watercolor map
watercolor overview
map overview
finished product

If you're interested on getting one for yourself, please inquire about the custom original at hello@chasinglinen.com


Photography by Sunny Kim