National Handwriting Day + Discount Code

Happy National Handwriting Day!

National handwriting day

It may sound silly to celebrate such a day, but I'm so grateful that "handwriting" is back in style. We live in a world where keyboards have taken over pen + paper and cursive is no longer being taught at school. We type way more than we write with our hands so I think it's pretty awesome to have a day where we can highlight the importance of writing with our hands.

To celebrate, I'm offering 10% off on all of our custom lettering pieces all week! This includes our calligraphy vow sets & custom watercolor quotes. They make great personalized gifts for Valentine's Day or even just a piece for yourself! Take advantage of this deal by entering "Handwriting10" at checkout, valid until Friday 1/27.

handwriting day
coffee + caligraphy
ink caligraphy
national writing day

If you want to learn how to letter yourself, I listed some new Water Brush Lettering classes on our Workshop tab. If you're local to OC/LA area, I'd love to have you :)

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Stay inspired and be creative friends!


Photography by Sunny Kim