Chasing Creativity: Story of How I Left My Day Job

Four years ago today, was a big life changing moment for me - I started pursuing Chasing Linen full-time. To celebrate this, I wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane and share how it all came to be.

On August 8, 2015, I had just quit both of my day jobs. At the time, I was working as a social media manager for a small boutique called Oh Hello Friend, as well as a design intern at Anthropologie. I enjoyed both of these jobs, so I remember feeling a little sad and definitely nostalgic as I clocked out. I felt nervous, but also really excited to start this new chapter of my life. Once I finished my last shift, I walked a few blocks down, armed with a tote bag full of greeting cards, watercolor prints and display items. The last day of my day job was also my first day as a full-time creative which started with a pop up shop! 

Taken from my husband’s instagram - August 8, 2015

Taken from my husband’s instagram - August 8, 2015

My then-boyfriend and now husband helped me out that day and while we’re all smiles here, I remember feeling absolutely terrified. I made around $100 that day and thought to myself, “How in the world will I be able to support myself?!” I had doubts for sure, but I was also hopeful that maybe, just maybe, this could work.
People always say hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy to look back on this moment now knowing that things DID work out. But let’s be real, it was a terrifying moment & I still have some of those fears today! Four years later, not only has my business changed, but my role has changed as well. Now my thoughts are centered on figuring out how to get enough business to support my growing team, learning how to stay motivated through the mundane and still showing up even when I don't feel like it. It is not the same as when I started, but it feels similar at times for sure. 

So why am I sharing this story? I’m not sharing this just for the sake of sharing. I’m telling you this because I hope it sparks something in you. If you are a closet creative who craves for something more, I hope my story encourages you to know that being a full time creative is absolutely possible! I’m not saying it’s all rainbows and sunshine - it’s a lot of hard work, problem solving and emotional rollercoasters throughout the process.  But if I’m being honest - it also is a lot of fun most of the time :) There will be a mix of wins and fails, but even still - your dreams are WORTH pursuing. 

I have talked about the origin story of the name of my company before, Chasing Linen, which comes from the idea of chasing after the things you want. It originally comes from a story in the New Testament of the Bible where an ill woman who wanted to receive healing. She went after what she wanted despite her circumstances or what others said about her. Her dreams were to be healed, to be set free, to take charge of her life.  This story spoke to my core so I decided to name my brand around it.

As for me Chasing Linen represents: 

Designing the life I want to live

Pursuing my dreams unapologetically

Pointing everything back to my Creator 

What is that for you?

So today on our 4 year anniversary, I just ask you for ONE thing. What is that one thing that’s on your heart that you desperately want to chase after? Declare it and share it with someone. I would love to hear it as well -  leave a comment here. I promise to get back to ya :)

Here’s to going after your dreams!

xo - Dianuh