First Workshop Experience

I had so much fun teaching my first set of water brush lettering workshops at Happily Ever Etched & Peinture Studios! It was incredible that both workshops SOLD OUT, which I would not have expected in a million years! I am so grateful that I got to meet so many amazing women (+ one guy) in both of the workshops and had so much fun lettering together. It was nice to get back into teaching again and I realized how much I missed it. To be completely honest, I was nervous at the very beginning, but once we started I felt like I was "on." It was like I could step into my teaching role fully and leave all the pre-jitters behind, if you know what I mean. It felt natural to teach again and I'm so stoked for all the upcoming workshops. The next Water Brush Lettering in March is also sold out but don't worry because I'm scheduled for many workshops in various cities in OC, LA and even up North in Emeryville. Along with Lettering, I also have a couple Floral Watercolor classes penciled in as well, which I'm so so excited about! If you're wondering which class is the right one for you, one focuses more on lettering and the other on painting. We'll be using watercolor for both workshops so read the descriptions on the Workshop page (here) and take your pick. Until then, here are some fun shots my good friend Sunny took for me during the past lettering class!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the workshops and I appreciate all the sweet words, comments and emails I received about it! I'm also so grateful for the vendors for opening up their beautiful studios and inviting me in to teach :) I look forward to doing more workshops and can't wait to do more creative projects! For additional workshop info, you can visit