Creative Session with Mantle Shoppe

Ever since I began my creative endeavors a few years ago, I knew I wanted Chasing Linen to be a place where I showcased not only my work but those that I admired as well. Since the launch, I've met so many talented, hustler-spirited people who constantly inspire and motivate me with my own craft. I'm extremely grateful for the creative community and want to share some of their stories and visions with you as well. This is one of those projects I've been wanting to do for years and I'm so excited that it's finally coming into fruition! The new feature will be called Creative Sessions where I'll post an interview of a designer from a brand that I adore. The interview feature will be posted every last Friday of each month so stay tuned!

For January, I wanted to start Creative Sessions by interviewing my long time friend Eshie and her jewelry line, Mantle Shoppe. It's a rare moment when I love every single item of a collection but hers is definitely one of them. I love that each piece can be layered with one another and still maintain the look of effortless minimalism. Get to know Eshie's vision behind Mantle Shoppe and use coupon code CHASINGLINEN10 to receive 10% off her shop! (expires 2/29)

Instagram- @mantleshoppe  Website-

Instagram- @mantleshoppe


How did you get started with jewelry?

Well, I was traveling and trying to figure out how I could be on the move and make a living at the same time haha. I have a background in design and have always enjoyed making stuff with my hands, and I decided to take a metal smithing class. I really enjoyed it, and also liked that the work was very portable and mobile. After forging a few pieces, I thought, Hey! I could sell this stuff! And listed some of my pieces online. My memory is a bit shot but I think it took about a week or so before my first sale hit. Since then, it has been a rollercoaster of learning new things, reinventing my style, and finding my own colors. Everything considered, I think jewelry just speaks for itself. I wanted my pieces to be simple, minimalist, and understated ornaments that embodied class and quality. Those are still my hopes today. But also I wanted to embed truth with my customized jewelry and have them be reminders of how precious the wearer is. Whether its a special note to a loved one, or your own name, it tells a story about relationships. The very first ones I made had words/phrases like " Shalom, Joy, Selah, No Fear in Love, Beautiful Dust." Because what you wear is also a representation of who you are, what you believe, and possible what you want to become. For me, its not just jewelry. Its a unique way for me to celebrate the purposed lives of my customers. 

What does the name Mantle Shoppe mean and how did you come up with it?

The word "mantle" comes from Psalm 65:13, and back in 2014 before Mantle Shoppe was birthed, I was in a season where the word "mantle" became a prominent word over my life. The word means cloak or covering. Its unique, I know and not a very common word. Most people ask me if I sell something for the fireplace. haha. 

How would you describe your ideal customer?

My ideal customer would be someone who values well made products and appreciates the understated cool. 

Where do you find your source of inspiration?

 really love finding new crafts that utilize different textures, diy projects, as well as looking through trending runway shows, the vibrant colors and fibers in clothing, techniques and process of fine art, and foreign movies. 

Outside of jewelry, what do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I enjoy learning new things. Currently, I am taking a ceramics class and am finding it to be so therapeutic. I can unplug myself from the daily routine and take some time to activate my brain to something new. Its amazing how our brain functions, and what we believe or think can actually be possible if we take that step to try! At least with ceramics, its stretching and molding me in new ways. I also really enjoy spending time with people. Whether they are old or new friends, I like to get deep pretty fast by asking good questions that help me learn new things about that person, and help them become more awakened to their own passions and dreams as well. I wish I had more time to read though! Hopefully this year, I can! 

What's next for Mantle Shoppe?

I would like to start making some fine jewelry pieces, and add some stones into my collection. I am also launching a website pretty soon! Which is hard and exciting at the same time because I am technically challenged but, I do like challenges so- here I go!

Eshie's Current favorites:

Instagram : @aceandjig, @drewkelly, @rennes._ 

Ice cream flavor : Anything with Earl Grey or Lavender


Artists: Gustav Klimt, Matisse, Egon Schiele

Musicians: Ben Howard

Jewelry— Mantle Shoppe

Photography— Sunny Kim

Cafe— Bakers & Barista