Wedding Season!

Hello friends!

June has been such an eventful month, as two of my closest friends got married! I absolutely adore weddings and wanted to share my experience being a bridesmaid. This is my third time being a part of the bridal party and all I can say is that it is such an honor to not only celebrate but participate in the union of life-long covenant. To all the couples who are tying the knot this year, cheers to you!

Bride Sunny Kim of  Maylilies
Photography by  Arthur Jung
2014-06-21 14.57.32-1 copy.jpg
2014-06-21 14.58.22-1 copy.jpg
Flower bouquets by  Jill Fawcett
2014-06-21 15.03.41-1 copy.jpg
Calligraphy by Allison Gambol

Details :

Bride // Sunny Kim @maylilies

Flower bouquet // Jill Fawcett @jillfawcett

Calligraphy (on wagon) // Allison Gambol @alleygambol

Photography // Arthur Jung @arthurjung

Venue // Cross Line Church, Laguna Hills CA