Washi Tape Gift Wrap DIY+ Free Gift Tag Designs

Now that it's officially November, it's appropriate to talk about Christmas right?!

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year because it means blankets, delicious meals, and presents! I love picking out items that are the perfect fit for the receiver and with every gift, I like to dress it up and make it personal. I'm not a big fan of wrapping paper because I get bored using the same design for all my gifts so instead, I like to use butcher paper and add my own flair. I'll show you how you too can personalize your gift wrap this holiday season AND there will be free gift tags for you to download at the end of the post, hooray!

Washi tape

All you need for this project is scissors, washi tape, and twine. We'll be creating this washi tape tassel, which is a unique way to accessorize any gifts! I'm really excited to partner with Paper Mart to bring you this super easy DIY that anyone can do. 

Items needed:

- Washi Tape

- Scissors

- Twine/ribbons 

- Gift tags (download for free below!)

diy gift tag

1. Measure your washi tape and cut into strips of 5 inches. Fold in half so sticky side is facing each other.  

washi tape wrap ideas
washi tape

2. Repeat until you have 12-15 strips then stack them on top of one another into one neat gather.

cut out washit tape

3. Tie a string in the middle and double knot to secure. After it is tied, fold the strips in half.

diy gift wrap
tassel making process
diy tassel for gift
cute washit tape

4. With the strips folded in half, add a new piece of washi tape to secure the tassle.

diy process
diy washi tape tassel
tape tassels

5. To make your tassle look more full, cut each tape down the middle.

diy tassels
washi tape tassels

6. Once your washi tape tassle is complete, use the left over string to tie into the bow of your gift and voila!  

washi tape gift wrap idea
personalized tags
personalized gift tags

Lastly, don't forget to add a gift tag! I created these watercolor tags for you to download for free. Just input your email address below and you'll receive 11 gift tag designs! Feel free to print as much as you need!

gift wrap diy ideas

If you try out this DIY, I would LOVE to see your washi tape tassel! Please send me a photo by tagging me on instagram at @chasinglinen or shoot me an email at hello@chasinglinen.com. 

We also filmed this DIY segment for The Show and Tell Show, which you can see here:

Special thanks to Paper Mart for supplying all the materials and Caroline Elliott of The Show & Tell Show for the feature!

Photo Credit: Sunny Kim

Other resources:

https://issuu.com/theshowandtellshow/docs/november_2016_-_final (PAGE 9)