Hardcover Portrait Guestbook + Print

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Hardcover Portrait Guestbook + Print

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Portrait guestbook is the perfect keepsake for your wedding day.

Our 8x10 guestbook comes a custom watercolor portrait on hardcover with 20-pages of premium matte paper on the inside. It is perfect for guests to write notes of congratulations or to stick polaroid photos on. 

The guestbook also comes with a 8x10 print in case you want to frame the portrait separately!



Each portrait is painted in our signature faceless style with elongated bodies. Although the figures do not have facial features, we are very attentive to detail in the coloring, hairstyle, posture and clothing, which makes the individual recognizable and distinct. 

This portrait listing is for specifically for two people. Each additional child(s) or pet(s) is $25+

*NEW: We now offer a variety of 3 different background options: none, partial or intricate. Examples of partial background would include wreath, floral embellishments or watercolor lettering under the portraits.


How To Order

In order to capture the individuals' likeness, we need a clear photo reference of the couple (3 photos max.) Please send your photo reference with your order # and be sure that the photo includes:

- Full body that shows the couples pose and height 

- Natural lighting that shows hair and skin tone (no filters please) 

- Head-to-toe outfits including shoes

Add Ons

We would be happy to include small additional details for you such as bouquets, veils or balloons. For intricate details such as landscape background, floral illustrations, and calligraphy, it will be an additional cost.

Inside pages start at 20 sheets. To add more pages, it is $1/ per sheet. 



Our current turnaround is 6 weeks from the date the photo is approved, not from the date of purchase. For rush orders, please email us with your order # at hello@chasinglinen.com


For additional questions, please read our FAQ below.

Additional Details:
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1. What size does the guestbook come in?

This listing is for 8x10 portrait guestbook. If you'd like something larger, we also have 12x12 and 13x11 books available. If you'd like to place a special order, please email us at hello@chasinglinen.com

2. What kind of cover does the guestbook have?

All guestbooks come in a hardcover. Please note that a 8x10 watercolor print is also included with your portrait in case you want to frame it separately.

3. Can I add end pages?

All guestbooks come with white end pages (front and back of book.) If you'd like a different color, please email us at hello@chasinglinen.com with your order #

4. How many sheets does it come in? What type of paper?

All guestbook comes with 20 pages of #100 Premium Matte card stock paper (double sided.) If you'd like to add additional pages, it is $1/ per page. If you'd like to make an upgrade, please email us at hello@chasinglinen.com with your order #

5. Can I add designs on the inside of the book? How about the back of the book?

Yes, we can add designs anywhere on the book. Examples can include calligraphed names of bride + groom or additional watercolor paintings. This would be a considered a special order, please email us at hello@chasinglinen.com with your inquiry