All About Live Art (FAQ)

We've been receiving a lot of inquiries for Live Art these days and have noticed that clients have been asking similar questions. I thought I'd compile all the FAQ we received and provide all the answers in this post. But first, let me explain what it is for those who aren't familiar: 

Live Art is a service where we do Live Portrait or Live Lettering on-site. It's perfect for events like weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties and corporate events! Live art doubles as live entertainment for the guests and to give out as personalized/memorable party favors. Now that you know what it is, let's get right into the FAQ.

live art with kids

1. How does it work?

Live Portrait: It is very important to us that our station operates as efficiently as possible. Due to this, we take a photo of the guest(s) and have them return later to pick up their completed portrait. That way, they don't have to wait or miss out on the party! Tip: Our layout helps avoid long lines and allows other guests to enjoy the live painting session. We kindly ask that the guest provides one 6-ft table and 2 chairs for the artist and assistant. We'll bring the rest of the materials!

Live Lettering: At the Live Lettering station, we can letter anything from the guest(s) names, live mantra, or favorite quote! When guests visit our station, they let us know what they want, pick their favorite color(s) and we will create a beautiful watercolor calligraphy piece for guests to keep. Tip: Some brides have doubled Live Lettering to use as their guests' place cards!


2. How long does it take?

Live Portrait: Our watercolor portraits are painted from bust and up to a similar style to our Custom Portraits (faceless + attentive to detail.) Time varies slightly depending on the individual's details but it usually takes about 3-4 minutes per individual. Tip: Portraits with facial features can be requested as a separate special order! Since we are working on painting as many people as possible (3-5 mins per) so we are not able to add facial features to live portraits.

Live LetteringDepending on what the guests wants, it takes anywhere from 1-3 mins per piece. Tip: For parties with a large guest count, live lettering may be more suitable if you do not have other entertainment/stations.


3. What if I have a big guest count, would you be able to do one for each guest?

Live Portrait: Our live portraits are done fairly quick (3-4 mins per person) but with each art piece being customized and hand-painted, it will naturally take time. We cannot guarantee that every single guest will be able to get one but we promise that we will do our best to pump out as many as we can in the time slot! Tip: If you'd like to add a second artist, please inquire by emailing (limited availability*)

Live Lettering: Live lettering is much quicker than portraits so it is more likely that we will be able to cover each guest that approaches our station. Tip: If the host feels strongly that each guest take home a live art piece, Live lettering may be a more suitable option for large parties!


4. Can families or couples do this together?

Live Portrait: We accept group portraits at request (especially for baby birthday parties) but please note, each guest can only get one portrait. For example, if the guest is in a group portrait, they cannot get another one just for themselves. We created this one portrait policy to be fair to the rest of the guests. Tip: Individual portraits are recommended so each person can keep their own. For group portraits, we ask for no more than 4 people so it fits in our standard 4x6 card.

Live Lettering: Yes we can but same rules apply (see above) for live lettering. For example, if a couple gets a lettered piece together, they cannot get another one individually. Tip: If we go through all of the guests and there is additional time allotted, we'd be happy to create "seconds" for returning guests.


5. Can I add more time if I need to?

Both our Live Portrait and Live Lettering has a 2 hour minimum booking policy. If you'd like to increase the time slot the day of, we add a 25% surcharge (1 hour max add time.) If we do not have another event lined up, we'd be happy to stay a while longer. Tip: If you think this could be an option, please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. Increased time slot must be paid the day-of the event by check or cash.


6. How do I book? 

To book us for your event, we require a 50% retainer to reserve the date and the remainder to be paid a week prior to the event. If you're ready to book, reserve your date HERE or email us directly at + be sure to include: 

- Date

- Time Slot (2 hour minimum)

- Total # of Guest Expectancy

- Venue Name + Address

- Type of Event

+ Other info we should know about

Tip: We book months out in advance with weekend slots being the most popular. If you'd like to reserve a date, be sure to inquire quickly!

live painting

Special thanks to Kassia Phoy who took these photos at Aria's first birthday party! We had a blast doing live art for our friend Jen of From Head to Toe (we also created the calligraphy banner backdrop.) Check out the video to see more from this fun party!

And that's all friends! If you have additional questions, please visit our Live Art Page or shoot us an email.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!