Day 3

2013-08-26 18.57.58.jpg

What an eventful day!

We began the day by meeting for morning prayer at 7:30am sharp. After a time of fellowship, our team (+ P. Daniel) went to New Hope Church to help distribute food, do kitchen duties and assist with whatever else P. Stacey needed. It was such an amazing system they had going on. Basically it was like a small market where people can come in with a cart and "shop" through each category of items. The food ranged from cereal, can food, frozen food, milk/juice and even hygienic items. Most of the staff members were middle age and up+ so it was really encouraging to see how energetic and joyful they were to serve! I think our whole team straightened up and worked harder after that.

We washed vegetables, organized food items, conversed with people, assisted shopping/market and washed/scrubbed/vacuumed the space. During the waiting period, I met a woman in her 50s named Nene who shared her entire life story with me. We found that we had a lot of common interests including love for art and nature and had similar values. She taught me neat tricks of growing a garden and even shared details of her love affairs. I was able to pray for her at the end and it was awesome :) After everyone shopped through, we cleaned up, ate lunch then went back to the homeless shelter we went to the day before. We went to pass out snack bags and it began to rain. I got rejected a couple times but most people gladly accepted. At the very end, Aaron and I met a guy named David who came back for a more snack bags. He was actually really encouraging and spoke words of affirmation over the work we were doing. We encouraged him and prayed blessings over his life, then afterwards we left to our final destination: P Daniel's second church (space). We had a time of worship/sermon and performed body worship & creations skit for his church members. We had a great time not only laughing together but praying fervently over the people of Alaska. Man, I can't even describe how heartbreaking some of the native's stories are. During prayer, God showed me a glimpse of His heart for His people and I felt overwhelmed with love and compassion for these people. Every prayer session has been so powerful and I'm really learning that we can't do anything without prayer.