The Starter and Day 1

I can't remember exactly when I began journaling but I'm happy for all the memories I've recorded this far. I've always wanted to blog as well and this past summer, I had the opportunity of going to Alaska on a missions trip. It was such an incredible week and I think it's the perfect subject to start off this entry. My heart is full and I'm so incredibly grateful, so I begin this blog with a heart of gratitude. 

Our mission team was set out to fly on 8/17, Saturday. We prepared weeks in advance with body worship songs, creations skit and morning prayer. The day of was kind of a blur, running around to perfect every move and packing last minute things. Thinking back now, we had no idea of all that was in store for us. We were about to get wrecked.

It was my first time flying in 15 years so I was super stoked to be on an airplane. I was pretty much glued to the window seat soaking up all the high altitude views. After a five hour flight, it was pretty late into the night so we had a quick prayer meeting and called it a night. 

2013-08-17 20.00.32.jpg

 Everything will be written in present tense from this point*  

 Day 1

Today we went to P. Daniel Sung's church called Church of the Nations where we worshiped, prayed, and ate with natives and homeless people. We went early to clean and set up the tables, prepare food, and afterwards, we had service. Praise felt really different from the usual worship back at home, but it was still powerful. After worship and sermon, we had a time where we invited anyone who wanted to receive prayer to the front and I met a broken hearted woman named Teresa. She started crying as we laid hands on her saying that her sister was murdered. Though we couldn't hear her very well over the crowd, I could tell she was in great grief and distress over her sister. Grace and I began to pray over her and there she began sobbing uncontrollably and fell on the floor. There God began to break my heart and I began to cry alongside her. After corporate prayer, P. Joon, Rosa and I took her aside where she began to share graphic details of her sister's rape/murder. It was horrific and gruesome, like something out of a CSI episode and after listening to her whole story, I was utterly speechless. Honestly I felt really helpless because there was nothing I could do for her. We just listened to her and tried to comfort her as much as could. Afterwards, our team served food for everyone and got to know each other better. When I ran into Teresa again, she ran up to embrace me. She was so happy to see me and introduced me to her boyfriend who also gave me a big hug and thanked me for praying for her. Encircled by their embrace, I was shocked. I felt like I did nothing but these people were so grateful! Later, P. Joon reminded me that a little listening goes a long way. Many times, people feel like they don't have anyone to talk to and have to carry all of that weight by themselves. Conversing with the natives and the homeless was definitely a culture shock but also incredibly eye opening. I felt like today's experience made me grasp a better image of what church really looks like. God is good.

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