Day 2

Today was incredible. Absolutely perfect.

2013-08-26 19.04.11.jpg

We had a late morning start and a full night's rest. After getting ready, we went to go sight seeing. Even during the drive there, I was in awe of all the surrounding scenic beauty; the greens of the trees, blues of the waves, fog in the sky- the list is endless. It was definitely one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. We made a couple stops to take group photos along with the elders. We also went on a boat ride and got a tour around the glaciers. My favorite part was seeing the melting glaciers on top of mountains cascading down as a waterfalls into the ocean. The wind was cold and piercing but it was refreshing and liberating at the same time. After the boat tour, we stopped by an open field animal campsite and got to see wild animals up close. We saw black bears, grizzlies, red fox, caribous, reindeers and moose (which I got to pet!) Experiencing all these beautiful wild life up close left me in good spirits all day. After sightseeing, we went to the homeless shelter with P. Daniel and got to perform a couple body worship songs and the creations skit. There I met a woman named Debbie who shared about her daughters, grandchildren and her plans after leaving the shelter. It was such a pleasant conversation and I was really encouraged by her positive attitude. Afterwards when we were about to leave, I saw a woman walk out of the shelter sobbing. Joanne and I approached her and we ended up spending the next half hour listening to Chena's life story. We found out she went through a lot of hardship in her life including seven members of her family being murdered and an unfair DUI record. There were a lot of tears and sadness but after we prayed for her there was a change in the atmosphere. She began to share about her passion for cooking and her glory days back in the Air Force. We ended up sharing some laughs and departed with peace in our hearts. It was amazing. When we got back home, we ate a full dinner (as usual) and had a great time sharing about our days. I cannot express my gratitude towards God for all the blessings over this trip. It's only been our 2nd full day and He's already done/revealed so much! 

Get ready for photo overload-


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