Photo by  Alysha Miller
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Hi there!

 My name is Dianuh Aerin and Iā€™m the Artist & Blogger behind Chasing Linen.

Before Chasing Linen became what it is today, it started off as a fashion blog where I photographed well-dressed strangers and interviewed them on the spot. As random as it may seem, I've always had an eye for design and craved to be surrounded by all things beautiful. I loved connecting with people and learning more about their style and interests. I was a full-time art student at the time so that blog became a creative little side project of mine.

A few years later, I decided to make and sell art pieces to raise money for a mission trip (more info in the FAQ page) and I was brainstorming about what to call my shop. After many failed word combinations, I scribbled over them and logged onto my Tumblr (lolz). That's when I saw my username in a whole new light and I decided to name my stationery line after my blog. It felt right to keep the name because it tells all the steps I took to get to where I am. Chasing Linen went from a personal side project into my full-time career in a span of five years and it's been an incredible ride!

I officially launched the new Chasing Linen in 2013 to share my love for all things creative and encourage others to pursue their higher calling. Feel free to browse Services for wedding suites or live art services, Shop for stationery goods & gift items, Workshops for local creative classes, Portfolio for freelance work, and Blog for all things lifestyle, including diy, events, interviews and just everyday experiences. I hope you leave feeling inspired and encouraged!

 ā€” xo